Automated Passport & ID Printing for Retail Stores.

Use your phone camera to snap and print your photo ID in minutes. 

How it Works

Scan QR Code

Opens link to MinuteID in-browser app.

Take ID Photo

Take photo with your phone using built-in guides.

AI Biometrics

We process photo to make it government compliant & replace with white background.

Pay & Print

Approve photo and print from provided printer.

We place our passport & ID printer free in your store.

You share in profits.

Save Retail Space

You no longer need a white backdrop taking up precious retail space. Because our app utilizes AI Background removal, our patent-pending solution only takes up 2x2 feet of retail space.

Fast & Convenient

Customers no longer need employees to take and print photos. MinuteID's self service option has customers in and out in less than five minutes.

Save & Make More Money

With more retail space you can sell more products. With our automated solution there is no employee cost.


Biometric AI

We process photo and make sure it's government compliant

Use your Phone Camera

Take photo with your phone using built-in guides

GUID Mapping

Our app automatically maps to a provided printer for instant prints

Patent-Pending Design

Our unique hardware and software design is 1st to market

AI Background Removal

Our app magically replaces background with white

Steamlined Payment

Complete purchase in-app with your native mobile wallet

About us

Our founder walked into a Walgreens to get his passport photo taken and was surprised to see the archaic digital camera used by the employee.  In addition, he noticed that the backdrop used for the process took up four feet of precious wall space.  After walking out 30 minutes later with his finished ID photos, it struck him that there had to be a better way.

MinuteID was founded in 2020 with the mission of making the in-store passport printing process easy, fast, and automated.  

The current way that UPS, Fedex, USPS, Walgreens, and CVS process in-store ID photos is inefficient and costly.  Customer’s wait up to thirty minutes, and employees spend costly time processing the prints.  MinuteID has solved this problem with cutting-edge technology that uses AI biometrics and background removal, GUID mapping, and built-in phone camera.

Join the Waiting List.

MinuteID is planning to launch in Winter of 2020. Join our waiting list to become one of the first stores to get access to MinuteID.​